Marry Cartel
Welcome to the Cartel Online Virtual Chapel

Okay, so it's not legally binding, but YOU can marry your favourite Cartel guy, right here! For FREE! It's thousands of dollars cheaper than a real-life wedding, and a million times less stressful... SO, why don't you decide whether it's TJ, Darragh, or Nicky who'se the true love of your life, and tie them down to you forever!!!

It's free... You get the service, the music, your own personalised vows, a printable marriage certificate, AND you'll be in and out in just two minutes!!! As for the afters, well, we'll leave that up to you and your imagination!!!

Please don't forget to e-mail us ( telling us who you are, which Cartel guy you married, and any extra details you want to let us in on! We'll pass on all the info to the guy in question, and they'll more than likely drop you an e-mail to say hello... After all, you ARE their wife!

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Mucho thanks to Kaz Daly from Dublin for the 'Marry Cartel' idea... She's asked us to point out that she's officially the first person to marry TJ!!! (Probably not the last though!). Cheers Kaz...