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Cartel Fan Sites

Cartel Fans United International
Amazing Cartel site from Karina Brandt, and WFU International. Includes an exclusive interview with the guys and exclusive pictures. Official home site for Cartel Fans United, with webring and fan club

Cartel Rise To Fame
Official Cartel Fans United site for Canada (TJ's homeland), by Paige Marcinkoski. Our favourite site title so far!!!

Cartel... Down Under
Official CFU Australia site, featuring loads of pictures and news. Operated by Amy Purtell from Sydney

Melissa's Aussie Cartel Site
Thanks to Melissa from Australia for this great Cartel website. Regularly updated, accurate, and well-designed. All you need to know - right here.

The 'Bryan On Cartel' Page
Very original webpage by Kristy from Sussex, featuring copies of Bryan's comments about Cartel in press interviews. Excelent lay-out, and design.

Cartel FU - Danmark
Danish language website for the Cartel boys - the first foreign language Cartel page - thanks to Karina Brandt from Denmark.

Cartel World Of Dreams
Cartel Fans United's chosen fan tribute site for Ireland, operated by Swedish-born to Veronice Sonmark, a.k.a. Nikki. Top-notch site with loadsa cool stuff on the way.

Stefanie's Cartel Pages
A great series of webpages about the guys. They were the very first independant Cartel pages ever, courtesy of Stefanie from Australia.

The Cartel Side
Italian Rossella Bozzini has compiled Cartel's story and photos into an easy-to-access website, linked to from her Bryan McFadden tribute pages.

Monica's Cartel Page
Featuring biography and pictures, focusing on 'The Brian Era'. Created by Portugese Monica Dias, as part of her special Bryan McFadden site.

Cartel Intro Page
A quick introduction to the band as part of a Kian Egan website. Some nice comments, and a link here to Cartel Online.

Cartel on Napster
Napster's page about Cartel in their official New Bands listings. A bio, and a bit of extra info on the boys... chack it out...

Ultimate Band Listings
The Cartel Page on the world's biggest band listing, UBL. Contains biog, photo, links, and a great overview of Cartel's musical influences.

Cartel's Top Links

Dublin Live A live view of Dublin City Centre... watch out for the Cartel lads!
Calgary Live Live images of Tim's hometown - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Emotion Eric Best site on the web - Watch Eric convey Emotions!
B*Witching Most god awful online game in the world! EVER!!!
TrailerVision Trailers for movies that never even existed. Hilarious.
Cash Trace Get a US dollar bill, enter the serial #, and see where it's been.
Yo Mama Hundreds of top 'Yo Mama' jokes. Yo Mama should look away.
Boss Tricks Surfing the net at work? Your boss doesn't need to know!
Wrong Lyrics Hilarious archive of the worst songword mistakes ever
Hampsters Dancing, singing hampsters to piss off anyone near your PC
Find Yourself Use government files to find a photo of yourself on record Database of people actually named Langer!!! No, really!!!
Net Camera Take a picture via. your screen with this revolutionary camera
Fart Archive Listen to the worlds largest archive of reviewed farts
Bad Timing Arguably the worst case of 'bad timing' in civilised history
Headlines Funniest newspaper misprints from Jay Leno's files
Celeb Mating What would Britney and Prince Williams kids be like? See here!
CartelMail Get yourself a free e-mail address from CartelMail and ZZN
Supporters Link to list of Cartel Online's corporate sponsors
Cartel Online Just can't get enough, can you. Alright, back you come...

Other Great Bands

Boyz II Men
Probably the best fan site in the world for Cartel's favourite band. Check out R&B legends Boyz II Men here

Constantly updated collection of the best Westlife sites on the web, as well as solo pages for Bryan McFadden.

Incredibly talented Canadian band. Check out these five guys now, because we guarantee you, they're gonna be huge!

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