Cartel Westlife Links
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We've searched high and low to find the best Westlife web sites and pages on the net, and you can link directly to them all here. Thanks for all the support you've given Bryan, both in Cartel and Westlife... We know you've helped make his dreams come true. Now check these out...

WFU International Amazing listing of worldwide WL sites, with over 600 members from 25 countries.
Australian Unofficial Top site for the guys, with exclusive pictures, Aussie interview, and more
Pami's Site Excellent webpages from the WL Finland Correspondant, incl. Webring
Unofficial WL The unofficial Westlife site from the UK, with loads of great links
Westlife Online Canada's own Westlife site, including a great 'Fact or Fiction' section
All That I Want... is Westlife Excellent Canadian site with one of the best WL news services available
Bryan McFadden Bryan's very own home page, courtesy of Monica from Portugal.
Cartel Online Missed the Bryan stuff??? Back you come...