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Cartel News with Conor The Tour Manager - Continued

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April 3rd 2000

Yes, Nicky’s gone and got himself a whole new look. Gone are his trademark goatee and long blonde locks! Much to our surprise (and the surprise of TJ and Darragh too!!!) Nicky showed up at reahearsal last Monday clean-shaven, with short dark-brown hair. “It was definitely a surprise!” said Darragh, in a quick phone call to the Cartel Online office this morning. “We’ve been off the scene for a few months now, working on new material, so we all decided to go away and experiment with other looks. I hit the gym a bit, and put on some muscle, Tim put some light blonde highlights in his hair, but when Nicky walked in, the two of us nearly died! It actually looks good on him, but it was just a bit of a shock. I’ve never known him as anything but a blonde!”.

Nicky himself is happy with the look too. “It’s different” he says “but I felt it was time for a change… for a while anyway. I was getting a bit tired of the David Beckham slags, so I just got rid of it. I might grow it back, I might not. We’re just working in the studio for now, so it doesn’t really matter, but I’m happy enough with it, and the lads like it too, so we’ll see how it goes down with the fans.” Nicky, typically, shouts back at us as he leaves; “Sure, Tim’s getting his hair all shaved off next week!!!”. He’s joking. We hope.

March 30th 2000

Make sure you’re sitting down for this… Cartel have announced a very special live show in Ireland this May. The band have begun rehearsing for the Telethon 2000 Pop Event - a big fundraising pop concert in one of Dublin’s premier music venues, where Ireland’s biggest pop names come together without charging a fee, to raise money for People In Need. This year, the show will take place in Vicar St. on Saturday May 6th, and all of the nations biggest up-and-comers will be there.

The Cartel boys claim that the best gig of their career so far was the inaugaral Telethon in 1998, when Brian, Tim, and Darragh rocked the show to the biggest ovation of the night. They’ve been invited back as the only band still together since the ’98 event, and are hoping to make some serious noise once again.

The show begins at 2pm (TBC) on May 6th in Vicar Street, Dublin. More details as we have them.

March 12th 2000

As promised way back in the beginning, Cartel Online has introduced three new ways to enter the site; Individual entrances for each of the Cartel members, with images of either Nicky, Darragh, or Tim lining the path.

So, if "" is a bit too much for you to keep in mind, all you have to do now is think that your favourite Cartel guy is sexy! For example;

To enter the site through DARRAGH'S's Entrance

To enter the site through NICKY's Entrance

To enter the site through TJ's entrance

It's that simple. Easy to remember, and aesthetically pleasing too! Just remember, it's 'www.(Cartel Guy)', or - if you want to come in the main entrance - It couldn't be easier. Why not try it out next time you're coming in to visit us, so you can enjoy Cartel Online with your favourite guy's pictures waiting for you at the front door!

March 3rd 2000

Myself and all the gang here at Cartel Online and Sketch Promotions would like to wish Nicky a very happy 20th birthday today! And a special thanks goes out to everyone who sent in cards, messages, and E-Greetings too. Nicky, all I can say is, enjoy it while you can... The way things are going, you'll be spending your next birthday on Top Of The Pops! Happy Birthday.


Febuary 2nd 2000

The rumours ARE indeed true! Cartel's new material WILL include a song written by Nathan Morris from R&B legends Boyz II Men. Permission to use the track in their new live set was confirmed last Monday, and they are expected to begin work on it as soon as they return to action. One other song will be written by an external song-writer, while the rest of the new stuff will be penned by the band themselves.

Says band-member Tim Madigan “The rumours are like we’re working in the studio with Boyz II Men, which isn’t true at all. Basically this song was written by Nathan Morris for an artist on Boyz II Men’s own [now-defunct] record label. When the label closed down, and the song wasn’t in use anymore, we began checking out the possibility of taking it for Cartel; We eventually confirmed permission to use the track in our live show, and we’ll be introducing it over then next few months. I’d love to work with Boyz II Men properly though, because all three of us virtually worship them, but we’re still an unsigned band, so I think there’ll be a bit of waiting there. But someday… you never know. We’re working on developing our sound a little more though, and the track fits in really well with it, so keep your eyes open for our next show, and check out the new and improved Cartel vibe".

January 26th 2000

E-mails have been pouring into the Cartel Online office regarding a rumoured Cartel gig in Dublin this month. These rumours are completely untrue! Cartel WILL NOT be performing live again until March, and even then, the exact details are sketchy. The lads are currently on a three month stint recording, writing, promoting and planning, and are expected to be back in action by Mid-March, with some major touring in the summer.

As for the rumours that Cartel have split up, or are using the break to get away from each other, believe us, there are NO problems with the relationship amongst the Cartel members... Says Nicky: "We've never been happier... We're not gonna argue it out every time someone jealous decideds to start a rumour about us splitting".

January 3rd 2000

Tim has extended his visit to Canada to continue overseeing the completion of Cartel Online. The Canadian crew who set up the site (based in Tim's home town of Calgary) will continue development on the project, before the operation is moved to its' permanent home in Dublin, to be mantained by Sketch Promotions Ireland. Keep your eyes open for some great new features to be added before then, including a Cartel Genie (who can magically answer your questions about anything!!!), a new thumbnail-format photo gallery, a chapel in which you can marry Cartel online, and a dictionary which explains the Cartel lingo. Although TJ is getting to spend some time with his family in Calgary, he's anxious to complete work on the site, and get back to real-life rehearsals with the Cartel boys.


January 1st (Barely) 2000

2:35am, January 1st, 2000 and WE'RE STILL HERE! Yes indeed, Cartel Online survived Y2K, and we want to be the first pop music website to go on-line and wish all our friends, visitors, sponsors, and supporters a very happy and prosperous new year, decade, century, and millenium.

Darragh and Nicky already e-mailed us tonight, and both asked us to wish everyone a very happy 2000, and to say they hope you all have a great night. Haven't heard from Tim yet, but it's still 1999 where he is, so we'll give him a few hours to get his act together!

The Cartel lads will all be partying the night away in three different cities (Cork, Dublin, and Calgary), and you can bet there'll be some stories to tell, come tomorrow [or is that today???] morning. We'll try to get our hands on some snaps from the lads' respective new year parties, and pop them up in the Photo Gallery later in the month... no promises though!

Again, wherever in the world you are, we want to be the first music website of the millenium (less than three hours into it!!!) to wish you a very happy new year, and to remind you that there's only 999 years, 11 months, 30 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes to go until the next millenium, so start planning your party now! (We know a great band you can hire... if you're interested... anyone... ?)

Still here, alive and kicking? It looks like not even the millenium bug can stop Cartel from coming back to rock you!


December 30th 1999

The new Cartel Online Fan Information Service is to offer a revolutionary new medium of spreading the Cartel word... The Mobile Phone! As of January 1999, Cartel info will be sent not only to our database of e-mail addresses, but also by text message to any mobile phone number we have on file capable of recieving them.

We don't know of any other pop group offering this service. And despite what you may have heard, this offer IS available WORLDWIDE (not just in Ireland, as some recent rumours suggested!). There are limited places on this phone database, so send your details ASAP. Just fill out the Club Cartel membership form (you'll find a link to it from the 'Fan Club' section of the site). The service will be FREE to all Cartel Online visitors.


December 29th 1999

By 11am this morning, nine of the leading search engines on the planet have accepted Cartel Online for their search engines. This means that it will make - that's us - even easier to find and access around the world. We will eventually add a list of
these search engines on the site, and we would ask you to support them and their advertisers. Try, for example, a Yahoo search today, and watch Cartel pop up before your eyes.

Now for some other internet news: In line with Tripod's policy, and a sense of common decency, Cartel Online have initiated a 'Parental Peace Of Mind' policy. This offers you our assurance that this site does not contain ANY direct links to pornographic or adult material, and we will permanently strive to mantain that standard. We do, however, still believe in the whole 'freedom of speech' thing, and allow the fans, and the band themselves, the leverage to voice their opinions as they wish - WITHIN REASON! Basically, we'll allow a little cheekiness... Heaven knows, we all have our moments of it ...but we ask you, when you're signing the guestbook, replying to penpals, talking in the chatroom, etc. to remember that there are younger Cartel fans on-line, and to respect their rights to basic decency.

December 26th 1999

Get ZZN Cartel Online has announced the launch of an exclusive FREE e-mail service... CARTELMAIL. To be launched on New Years Day (when we're sure the Millenium Bug hasn't bitten!) this site will offer Cartel Online users a free, private, confidential, and top class e-mail address - courtesy of those nice people at ZZN. This is a special chance to get the name you ACTUALLY WANT to use to recieve all your e-mail. Thanks to ZZN and Cartel Online... it's simple, easy, and no-strings attatched. You register and we'll give you your own FREE e-mail service @cartelmail FOR LIFE!!! Just click the link above to go straight to CartelMail.

December 23rd 1999

On this day in 1997, Tim Madigan, Bryan McFadden, and Darragh Deane accidentally met at a karaoke Christmas party in Dublin, Ireland, and the Cartel dream was born. Today - exactly two years later - the red ribbon is cut on the Cartel web-site, and the public are being let in on the incredible story for the first time. The site will be updated regularly, and can be found at
At launch, the site will contain a photo gallery, biography, profiles of each member, guestbook, chatroom, fan club service, song info, and more, but our personal favourite is the interview... if you wanna get to know these guys straight up, check out the exclusive Cartel Online interview. Some links are not yet complete, and the site will continue in it's initial construction until January 2000. Unless of course, the Millenium Bug wipes us all out!!!

The idea is to continue to add new additions to the site throughout Y2K. This plan includes the eventual addition of video clips of the band in action (both with Bryan McFadden and Nicky Boland in the line-up); seperate site addresses for each member of the group, so you can visit Cartel Online with a specific angle on your favourite member; private photo shoots with the guys off-stage; live on-line chats with the Cartel lads; and more to be announced throughout the year.

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