when the love runs out
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When The Love Runs Out

"This is my favourite Cartel song. It's a real powerful BoyzIIMen style ballad - smooth verses, big crescendo chorus, and all. Beautiful harmonies. I remember seeing a load of girls crying the first time we ever sang it"

"Tim wrote this one. It's about watching a relationship slowly lose its' fire, and asking how you can get it back. The only time it's ever been performed was the last show they did before Bryan left Cartel."

"Bri used to call it the Disney song, 'cause it sounds like it should be in a Disney movie. He really liked it, 'cause I actually wrote it for his voice. He even used it as a song for his Westlife audition. I used to get shivers every time he sang it. Every time we meet up, we still give it a go, and we still hit the harmonies"