that's what it's all about
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That's What It's All About

"This is a very heavy R&B song. Our style is much more Old Skool, but this was a one-off that Tim wrote, and we gave it a shot. Sampled an old R&B track into the back, mixed rap, solos, and harmonies, and fired away"

"This was another one from when Brian was in the band. I remember hearing it and thinking that it was a very mature song, a bit heavy for a commercial audience"

"There's a bit of a story, in that we found out we had a gig the next night, and we wanted to do a new song. So, I mixed the track at home, stayed overnight in Brian's and taught it to him, met Darragh the next morning and taught it to him, the three of us made up a routine in the toilets before the gig, and the first time we sang it together was on stage. It looked tight enough though... even if we didn't really have a clue what we were doing!"