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"One thing we always do is a dance intro sequence to get us on stage. There's no point coming out singing... the crowd are always screaming too loud at the start to hear a word. Plus it's a chance for us to dance, while we're still fresh, but you have to be careful... you need to keep your breath for the live vocal"

"At the relaunch, we had this intro that had all this deep music, and samples of all the old Cartel songs over it, then it kicked in to this big break beat, and we all came out - one by one. It kicked ass boy"

"The very first Cartel intro was a hip-hop dancey number, and Bri came up with this idea to sing a line Acappella to lead into it, so he wrote this line 'Cartel are Here to Rock You' with a 3-part harmony over it. It stuck, and it's still our tag-line today."