the guy before
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The Guy Before

"The first self-penned song we ever did on stage. It's an upbeat R&B track, about kinda looking at a girl who'se moved on, and realising that you're just the ex-boyfriend now."

"This is the first song I ever heard Cartel sing when I was looking at the video, and I was impressed with the harmonies and all. The version they did then was acappella, but I could barely hear most of it over the screams. The lyrics seemed to go 'Baby I...Go On Ya Rides!... and ... Bryan You're Massive!.. 'cause girl ... Go On Cartel!..."

"This was the first song I'd written that was ever performed publicly, and I remember we started singing, and suddenly all the fans started singing it back to me. It was so incredible I just started crying there on stage - there's no way to describe it"