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As Long As You Love Me

"A Backstreet Boys cover version. This is the song Tim, Brian and I first sang together when we met at the karaoke party, so we decided to continue doing it as our only cover version, since it brought us all together. We had a deadly little routine to it that all the fans used copy"

"It's special to me too, because it's a cover version I used to do in my old band too, so it's ironic. It's a great song, but we wouldn't do it in this Cartel lineup"

"We decided that we could never sing this without Brian there... it was our song. I remember once, soon after Bri left, I was at one of his early Westlife gigs, and this song was played beforehand. I got a bit upset... you know, but suddenly I looked out into the crowd, and all these Westlife fans were doing the Cartel routine to it. The song ended and they all started chanting Cartel... it was amazing."